In 2001 we hired John and Shelia to build our house. They were very professional and knowledgeable. We were very satisfied with the workmanship and the timely manner in which the construction was finished. We were so satisfied that in 2014 we hired them to build our second house. They showed their professionalism when they brought us up to date on the building codes, Also informed us of new technology and new materials in the building business. Again we were very satisfied and not to forget that their prices are competitive and reasonable.

Ruben and Maggie Rodriguez

My husband and I found John and Shelia Weaver’s business information on the Google map services while we were visiting Augusta on vacation and looking for a custom home builder.  We presented them with a rough draft of home plans that we were interested in and they promptly linked us with the draftsman to modify the plans into the custom home we have always dreamed of.  We moved into a camper on the property while the house was being built so we see the home’s transformation daily.  Throughout the homebuilding process, John and Shelia have been amazing with helping us get settled in the area, guiding us through the process of getting custom materials ordered, and has always responded to us on questions we have within a reasonable time.  The house site, despite construction, has always been clean. You can tell that John and Shelia take pride in their work by the quality of materials used and attention to detail that they put into their homes.  I am so glad that we were able to find John and Shelia; they are building our family’s dream home.

Teri Walker

When I went to the Weavers I knew the kind of house I wanted, because I have been buying homes since 1979.  However, I didn’t know what the house would cost, but I knew I wanted at least one acre.

First the Weavers assisted me with getting pre-approve as well as letting me know how much earnest money I would need to get started. I then showed them a plan of what I wanted; they show me several plans of similar homes they had built. After must discussion and modification their plans met my specifications. The Weavers were very patience and helpful doing this process. They advised me on ways to cut or add when it was needed. When I got my Blueprints a few weeks later I was overjoyed, because I was looking at pictures of my dream custom-home. The Weavers give me an estimation of how long construction would be. This was very helpful, because I had a lease on an apartment. Because of pre-planning and good estimations by the Weavers I was able to terminate my apartment lease without penalty and move into the new house on time.  As a Retired Military Non-Commission Officer and now Civilian employee with the Army I would recommend John and Shelia Weaver to anyone coming to Fort Gordon or to the Augusta area who are looking for a quality build home. The Weavers are professionals and they build good quality  homes. This have been one if not the best home buying experience that I have had doing by 43 plus years of working for the federal government and moving throughout the years. Thanks John and Shelia.

John Spencer

We would like to recommend Weaver Home Builders to anyone planning to build a custom home, or buying a new home. We recently had the great fortune of having them build our custom designed home.

John and Shelia Weaver are very reputable and professional business people. They were very involved and helpful in the design process, land acquisition, and construction of our dream home. They also worked with us to see that any problems we had before construction was finished and after the purchase was completed. They saw to it that warranties were available & if any repairs needed, were taken care of. They were not only great professionals, but also caring and hardworking people who truly care about making their customers happy and producing a quality home.

John and Shelia built us a home designed to allow for full access and mobility for wheelchair as I am a disabled veteran. Our home had to be built to local and state guidelines and regulations of the Veterans Administration for wheelchair access. The Weavers did a great job of incorporating all of this into an accessible home which looks no different from any other houses in the neighborhood. The independence this home has brought to our life is unmeasurable for us.

We recommend these great people for any and all construction needs.

Kevin & Deborah Grubb
Spread Oak Subdivision

Tony and I believe that Weaver Home Builders gave us the best home building experience you can get in the CSRA. We started out with another builder that wanted to reduce the size of our home plan and build our home on a lot that had a drop off back yard. Not to mention that his price kept going up. We wanted an all brick home but the builder said he would only use stucco. What a nightmare! We asked around the neighborhood and were told that Weaver Home Builders had an excellent reputation and had been around for a long time. We had our agent contact Weavers and with them we received more than we thought possible. We now have a beautiful “all-brick” home. People come by often wanting to know the name of our builder. My brother is in the construction business in New Jersey. He came for a visit after the home was complete and praised the workmanship done by the Weavers. Not only did we get a solid well constructed home but the office staff was very accommodating. Tara is an absolute jewel. She is kind a patience and has customer service skills that you can not find any where. Whenever we had any minor issues that needed to be corrected the Weavers worked with us to get the needed repairs done in a timely fashion. We are been blessed to be able to say that we built our dream home with a builder that did not turn our dream into a nightmare.

Tony & Lucille Liggins

In 2003, we began looking for a new home to buy in the CSRA. After looking more more than a year, a longtime friend of ours asked us to meet her at “Open House” in Arcadia. We had not heard of the subdivision and was extremely pleased to know it was in South Richmond County. All it took was “ONE” visit to “OPEN HOUSE” and “ONE” meeting with the staff of John Weaver Homebuilders, for us to realize we were about to build our “DREAM HOUSE”. In April of 2006, we moved into our custom designed house in Arcadia. We highly recommend John Weaver Homebuilders to anyone who wants the best quality, custom designed home built.

Sheila and Marvin Nelson

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