As a select member of the Bonded Builders Warranty Group, we take a great pride in all the hard work it took to get us there. And you’ll have confidence in knowing you’ve selected a builder who can get the job done. And done right.

Our home warranty gives you peace of mind

By selecting a Bonded Builders Warranty Group builder, you’ll take comfort in knowing that we’ve purchased a warranty for your new home. Your covered for workmanship, materials and system defects and major structural defects as defined in the warranty documents. The warranty also includes conciliation, with an over 95% success rate in resolving disputes without costly or time consuming arbitration or litigation.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group seeks out quality builders who have a sense of dedication toward building not just a beautiful new home or a great investment – but the American Dream. Because that’s really what it’s about. It’s what you’re working for. And it’s why we’re here.

Bonded Builders is run by people who know what it takes to build a fine home with quality materials and superior craftsmanship … from the foundation to the rooftop. Bonded Builders has strict criteria that must be met before a builder is considered worthy of membership.

  • Builders are thoroughly screened through the Underwriting Department.
  • Customer references are checked to establish long-term and across-the-board satisfaction.
  • Financial stability and business longevity are taken into consideration.
  • Finally, builders are rated on customer service and the speed with which they return to complete punch lists and take care of finalizing each job.

The privilege of membership in Bonded Builders Warranty Group is extended only after they are satisfied that a builder possesses that special pride in workmanship, along with the financial means and commercial stability to provide the kind of quality and service that you deserve.

Before choosing a builder, make sure you see the Bonded Builders Warranty Group logo. It’s your builder’s written promise of quality construction and warranty performance. Because after all, we’re protecting the American Dream.

And isn’t that exactly what you are building?